The Snowdown Board of Directors is looking for proposals for commercial art services for the creation of the official Snowdown theme graphic design for 2019. This is more than just the poster, it's a project! If you would like to submit a proposal, including your design for the 2019 Snowdown poster, please follow the instructions in our bid proposal letter!
The presentations for the bids will be on May 15, 2018.
Please contact us at to tell us of your interest and to schedule a time slot for your presentation.

Snowdown 2019

January 30th through February 3rd



January 29th through
February 2nd



January 27th through 31st

Since 1979, when he became the Coordinator for the 1st Snowdown, Terry Fiedler has been the face of Snowdown. Serving on the Board of Directors for over 30 years, producing the Snowdown Follies and coordinating the Snowdown Light Parade for many years, he brought an unmatched enthusiasm to all things Snowdown.
Sadly, Terry passed away surrounded by friends and family on March 29th.

It is impossible to gauge what Terry means to Snowdown and to Durango.

The best way we at Snowdown can remember Terry is to continue to bring Durango the best winter festival we can and to remember who set the standard.
Thank You Terry