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Magpies Newsstand & Café - 707 Main

This theme contest is for 2024 because themes are chosen 2 years in advance. Use any sources of inspiration and wonderment to find a unique theme for SNOWDOWN. Submit your mesmerizing entries at Magpie’s no later than NOON Sunday Jan 30. *Note no obscene, nasty or redundant themes (this means we already did it and won’t be doing that same one again so don’t bother submitting it). To see what themes have been used, check the walls of Oscar’s or go to

Event Coordinator: Marlene Gebhardt 749-8913

Entry Cost: FREE

Entry Deadline: NOON Sunday Jan 30

Prizes: 6 Lift tickets & a Gift Card generously provided by Purgatory Ski Resort



Prohibition Herb - 1185 Camino Del Rio

Wingardium Leviosa! (Flying High) Here’s your chance to use your supernatural powers to conjure a mesmerizing bong in this annual event. Your otherworldly creation need only be original and bewitching. You don’t have to be an alchemist to participate. Simply drop off your wonderment to Prohibition Herb Wednesday Jan 26 through Saturday Jan 29. Entries will be judged by divine intervention and winners will be picked on Sunday Jan 30 at 4:20 PM. Prohibition Herb - where you always feel out of this world! Make sure your bong is free of cannabis residue. Anyone trying to hornswoggle the contest shall have their devilry punished by disqualification. Must be 21+.

Event Coordinator: Sayrah Sims 970-361-4296

Entry Cost: FREE

Entry Deadline: Saturday Jan 29

Prizes: 1st - Basket of Prohibition Herb Gear and Coupons valued at $250! 2nd - Prohibition Herb Hoodie and Coupons, 3rd - Prohibition Herb-T shirt and Coupons 




Durango Public Library - 1900 E 3rd Ave

Fly your broomstick over to the Durango Public Library and pick up your own Magical Mystical Take and Make Craft kits. They will be conjuring up one kit for kids and another for teens/adults! Everything you will need to create your own apparitional craft project, including instructions, will be included. Supplies are limited so try to finagle a kit for yourself!

Event Coordinator: Daisy Grice 375-3387

Entry Cost: FREE



Hosted by Coors Light & Four Corners Broadcasting

Now in its 23rd bewitching year! Attention all magical explorers, conjurers and sorcerers. Use your legerdemain to find the "Silver Bullet!" It’s hidden somewhere out there among the cauldrons, cliffs and canyons, mountains and Shire of La Plata County! Be the first to use your supernatural powers and find the bullet and win $250 in cash, bragging rights and other mystical prizes. How it works: each day starting Monday Jan 24, masterfully designed clues will be released on KIQX Radio 101.3 & KRJS Radio 100.5 You must be creative and use your otherworldly powers and guile in solving the clues to find the Silver Bullet and claim your bounty. There is no second place here, as there is only one Silver Bullet! Registration is not required but you must be 21+.

Event Coordinator: Ward Holmes 749-2914

Entry Cost: FREE

Prizes: Cash! Bounty! Bragging rights! Treasure!




The Chill Spot - 3102 Main Suite 15

Calling all Witches and Warlocks and all you Edward Scissorhands! This hair-raising contest is to see who can use their sorcery to give the best freestyle design. You must provide your own hair model and create your design at the barbershop. The Chill Spot will provide sanitized clippers for every entrant. Come in ALL WEEK of SNOWDOWN beginning at 10 AM. Judging will take place on Saturday Jan 29.

Event Coordinator: Crystal Shawcroft 903-5177

Entry Cost: $10