The theme contest is for 2020 because themes are

chosen a year in advance, so 2019's theme was already chosen!

Let your imagination run wild!!!

Submit your entries at Magpie’s during

Snowdown 2018 or at

Snowdown PO Box 1

Durango, Colorado 80102


**NOTE:  No obscene (i.e., nasty) or redundant
(this means we already did it, and won’t be doing that same thing again
so don’t bother submitting it)
themes will be considered!
Check the walls of Oscar’s, Olde Tymer’s or look at our list if you wonder
what themes have already been used.

Event Coordinator:

Marlene Gebhardt – 749-8913


1979 A Winter Celebration


1980 Durango's Winter Games

1981 Celebrate Winter

1982 No Theme!

1983 An Old West Snowdown

1984 That's Snowbiz

1985 The Greatest Show on Snow

1986 That Old White Magic

1987 Romancing the Snow

1988 Still Crazy After All Ten Years (10th anniv.)

1989 It's Snow Fine in '89


1990 What Goes Up Must Snowdown

1991 The Great Cabin Fever Reliever

1992 Clown Around Snowdown

1993 There's Snow Place Like Home

1994 It's Snow Secret Anymore

1995 Live From Durango It's Snowdown '95

1996 Hot Fun in the Wintertime

1997 Snowdown The Final Funtier

1998 The Roaring Twentieth (20th anniv.)

1999 Snowdown Can You Dig It


2000 It's Too Grand

2001 Where the West is Fun

2002 Roman Around Snowdown

2003 Carnaval  (25th Anniv.)

2004 Yabba Dabba Doorango

2005 A Superhero Snowdown

2006 Snowdown Disco Do It

2007 A Jolly Roger Snowdown

2008 Ye Olde Snowdown
The 30 Year Quest For Fun

(30th anniv.)

2009 Snowdown in Da Nile


2010 Surf's Up Snowdown

2011 Snowdown Bites, It's Monstrous

2012 Once Upon a Snowdown

2013 iSnowdown 2.0.13 Get Your Geek On (35th anniv.)

2014 Snowdown - Safari So Good

2015 Steampunk Snowdown

2016 Snowdown 80‘s Style

2017 Intergalactic Snowdown

2018 A Black Tie Affair

(40th Anniversary Baby!)

2019 A Comic-Con Snowdown